Gerber Technology

Industrial automation

Actuators in Spreading Machines

Gerber Technology, a division of Gerber Scientific A/S in Denmark which develops and manufactures spreading machines for the textile industry, has gained large competitive advantages through a development project on an existing machine. In addition to significant cost savings, the company has developed a more solid and robust machine with a modern and ergonomic design.

At Gerber Technology, there is comprehensive experience with the production of spreading machines and an ongoing product development has ensured the company a leading position on the market around the world. On an annual basis, the company produces almost 350 machines to continents all over the world.
A good example of a successful development project at Gerber Technology is the extensive re-design of their “large” XLs125 spreading machine. A product committee comprising management, engineering, sales and service had defined the dimensions beforehand, which among other things, prescribed the integration of a completely new control, a more ergonomic design, a more solid construction and all of this at a considerably lower cost price. The comprehensive task was given to the development team under the manager for mechanical development, Kim Svane Brinch, who initiated the project at the factory in Denmark.
”To fulfil the goals from the product committee this has meant that we have not focused on doing what we ”usually” do, but that our thoughts have been on new constructions and new components. In relation to the “old” machine, we have made new developments on a number of areas, such as the cutting device and the construction and control of the cradle for the rolls of fabric”, says Kim Svane Brinch.