Making in-line electric actuators mobile

Concens offer compatible battery solutions for the in-line electric actuators. The rechargeable 24V NiMH and Li-Ion batteries are easily mounted in the actuator control box and the solution offers optional IP 65 protection.
Battery charger features

  • 110-240VAC power supply
  • EU, UK, US and Australian mains connector
  • 5 to 8 hour charging time
  • Status indicator light

NiMH Battery Data

  • 1400 mAh capacity
  • 7A maximum continuous current
  • 16A short-time peak
  • No memory effect
  • Build-in thermostat to prevent short-circuit damage

Li-Ion Battery Data

  • 2150 mAh capacity
  • 10A maximum continuous current
  • No memory effect
  • Build-in overcurrent protection